Even though life got in the way of my blogging (see this post for my sheepish apology…), I am glad to say that it did not get in the way of my fitness goals 🙂 I did a weigh-in two weeks ago for the Discovery Health assessment and I’m proud to say that I am 1kg away from my goal weight!! Wuhoo!!!


Honestly, when I started this – there was no goal weight. But now that I can see what my body can do, I am quite inspired to keep this up. Buying new clothes is additional motivation – I can’t let all my future amazing outfits go to waste 🙂

A lot of people have asked about how I’m losing the weight. No there’s no magic pill or drink I’m using and no I’m not on the cabbage soup diet (or any other fad diet/weight plan). And frankly, I am tired of everyone thinking that there is a fast solution to losing wight.  I’ve made a few changes in my life and yes, it has been sustainable so far (even over the past two busy months). I will have a more detailed review later on this year but I thought it would be helpful to share  my experience with the weight-loss challenge outlining the few changes I’ve made to my life. The usual disclaimer applies – this is my personal view and this is what has worked for me. It may not work for anyone else! And obvs, I’m not a dietician or trained personal trainer – so please talk to the right people before embarking on anything new.

1. Gym
Surprisingly, this was the easiest to change. I don’t like to admit this but I think I am a gym addict…*hangs head in shame*

gym bunny

Heehe, this is what you find when you google “gym bunny”

I go to the gym five days a week. Wait, wait, before you fall off your chair I can explain this!! It helps me to skip the traffic – honestly,  I live 38km away from the office. The traffic from home to work varies from bad to sh*t hole. I can spend three hours on the road on a bad day (and this has happened to me before). So while I am looking for a place closer to the office- going to gym in the mornings has been my saving grace (and saved my mental health). I arrive at work on time everyday and most importantly, I arrive at work in a calm, peaceful state not my usual aggro-I-hate-all-Joburg-drivers-mood.
So what do I do at the gym five days a week?
Mondays – Bootcamp; Tuesdays – Yoga; Wednesday – Yoga/ Strength training class. This usually depends on my mood but I try to alternate it weekly; Thursday – Yoga (My fav class!); and Friday – Strength training class.

Effect of all this gyming? Apart from dropping a few kilos and helping to improve my endurance for the long runs – I feel lighter and skipping the traffic really puts me in a good mood.

And yes, I do skip classes sometimes – when I’m too tired to wake up or when I’m not feeling well. I’ve learnt to not feel guilty about it or to try to get in some training in the afternoon. And I don’t always stick to the schedule above,some weeks I just go to the yoga classes and completely ignore the strenuous exercise classes. Honestly, it depends on my mood but I do try to get at least three/four days in the gym.

My advice – do what feels right for you!

2. Food

This has been the hardest because as you all know – I do love my food.   There are sufficient blog posts about my culinary adventures as evidence of this 🙂


eating plan

To the disbelief of various “friends

Here are the few changes I’ve made to my diet:

  • Carbs. I’ve swapped all my “bad carbs”  to eating more complex carbs – brown sugar, brown rice, wholegrain pasta etc. I usually go for one carb-heavy meal in the day (lunch at work). [Side note: Eating less potatoes is the hardest. This is tough. TOUGH. The struggle continues on this one. I won’t lie; I do cheat occasionally and indulge in Nandos peri-peri wedges…everything in moderation right?]
  •  Sugar. Lowered my daily sugar intake – there is less sugar in my tea (from two teaspoons of sugar to one), and I’ve cut out all the chocolates, biscuits, and carbonated drinks. I have ignored all the comments on the amount of sugar in fruits. Honestly, it’s a fruit – FRUITS!!- they can’t be that bad for you right?!?!
  • More veggies and water.
  • Snacking during the day. I usually snack with fruits or crackers (multi-grain) or nuts. Nuts are my vice. I obviously love LUURVE salty nuts – I have now changed this habit of salty nuts  and now (unwillingly) force myself to buy the unsalted variation.
  • Meat. I’ve been eating less red meat (down to once a week) which is very tough as I love my red meat (like a good Zulu girl should).


3. And everything else

I have not done so well on the running schedule (what can I say, life happened…). Honestly, I no longer have a regular schedule :(. I do run the occasional race or run at the gym (using the treadmill – bleh or running around the outdoor track) but neither one of these are a substitute for the weekly trail run. And I honestly  miss the weekly runs. I will hopefully get back on the road again.
These are the few changes I’ve made in my life. I’m working towards this being “normal” for me and for it to not feel like a chore. It definitely felt like a chore when I started and on some days I honestly don’t want to go into the gym and all I want to do is sit on the sofa eating something with lots of cheese and potatoes. Like I said before, I previously felt bad about eating and food in general. I’m learning to stop seeing food as my enemy (but it really isn’t ). And anyway, I love food and I enjoy eating and I refuse to feel bad about enjoying this. I feel and look healthy – that’s all that matters to me.

And remember, this is what works for me. It may not necessarily work for you. I think as long as we all do everything in moderation we should be ok 🙂

Here’s to feeling and looking healthy! Happy training everyone!


Words to live by

Words to live by…

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