On the long silence

Silence 1

So it has been some time since I last opened a blank white page on Word and started typing a blog post. We all know how scary the blank white page is but it is exceptionally intimidating after close to  10 months of silence. Trying to get back into this blogging world again – a part of me misses it. Another part is scared of it – having an opinion on anything and everything can be tiring. Another part of me is doing this after the countless emails asking me why I no longer blog (thank you friends!) and there is also a part of me only doing this today because I am kinda sorta bored 🙂
So here I am 10 months later. A lot has changed.
I will try to post separate blog posts on all the interesting tidbits – moving out of home, moving BACK home, going through the lobola process, finalising said process, and finally part 1 of the traditional wedding shindig I’m having this year (two more parts to go!). There have also been other changes – buying a house (to all the south Africans – I promise to tell you how we should all stop being Steve’s and move away from Beep Bank); and “fighting the good fight” as a civil servant (THE best decision I ever made).
And let’s not forget about the constant book club shindigs, jozi explorations (even added Pretoria to the list) and of course – a few tidbits about TTO  Joking on the last one – no more stories about TTO!
A lot has changed over the past year. Putting it down on paper has made me realise that it has been a hectic year with a lot of growth and tears and rehashing of a few fears I thought I had conquered and conquering new ones.
Hope you will be patient with me as I find my way again on these blogging streets.
The Simple Girl