Happiness is…


It’s been a while since I last did this…the five things which have made me a happy girl recently are:

5. No more engagement parties, bridal showers,  weddings, etc. etc. etc.

Two close friends got married one week apart from each other and I somehow managed to survive it all and still retain my friendships with both girls (even though my budget took a beat down :/).

This is what happens when your Nigerian friend asks you to be a bridesmaid:


And this is what happens when an Ugandan marries a South African (as borrowed from @aaliac):


Fun times ladies and congratulations to you both!

4. Lillies

I had these “little” beauties in my place for a while – the flat smelt amazing.


3. Laundry week-ends at my mum’s house

It’s been a month since I moved out of home but I still go back over the week-ends to sort out my laundry. LOL – I am spoilt yes. The best part of the laundry week-end is going home to mama’s cooking. I definitely appreciate it more now that I don’t get a home-cooked plate of food every night.

And yes, I never leave home without stock-piling on enough cooked food to last me until Wednesday (sometimes even Thursday if I only nibble at something…)

2. Furniture!

Growing up is not moving out of home and finally living on your own.

No, no.

It’s when you finally buy a couch and dining table – that’s when you have finally grown up. In between shopping for the constant stream of gifts for the above mentioned weddings, I have spent my weekends trawling the clearance centres of various furniture shops to find pieces that I love AND meet my very tight budget constraint. Glad to report that I have succeeded and even though the flat is still not up to standard, I at least no longer have to host “bring your own chair” parties 🙂

1. TTO

The Tall One,

The one that makes me laugh,

The one that picked me up and swept me off my feet (literally and figuratively!)

My go-to guy,

My furniture mover,

My best friend,

My shoulder to cry on, and

Now soon to be life partner 🙂