High tea date: 54 on Bath

I finally had a chance to go for high tea with the fam at 54 on Bath. I have been trying to book a high tea afternoon at this place for a while after reading blog after blog rave about it. We set out for an afternoon to stuff our tummies silly on my mother’s birthday. The lady of the day was dressed to the nines as usual


I was unfortunately in jeans and converse sneakers as I had spent the majority of my day moving out of home.

The venue is beautiful. And opulent. Very high tea-ish darling 🙂 And  those couches!


Food: there are scones then there are SCONES. 54 on Bath has SCONES (I forgot to take a photo, forgive me!).


You know that silence that follows when everyone is enjoying their food? That’s the silence that followed when we started eating the scones. So yummy.

Unfortunately that is all my mother and brother enjoyed 😦 there were of course a large variety of treats but it wasn’t to their liking – everything was apparently too sweet. Sigh. And unfortunately, we arrived on a day wherethe high tea was served with mainly sweet treats (with a single savoury dish). So as much as I loved the pretty venue with the fancy teas and dee-lish scones, it was an average day out for my mother and brother.





Would I recommend 54 on Bath?

Hmmm, I’m not sure. I loved the food at Moemas but hated the crappy view of the parking lot. I loved the venue this time but felt slightly underwhelmed by the food :/

My brother's reaction says it all

My brother’s reaction says it all

High tea conversations


I went for high tea last week with a group of beautiful ladies. One of the girls (aside – she was the youngest in the group, what happened to the young innocent girls of this world?!?) shared her pearls of wisdom regarding men. I can’t remember how the conversation on men started – I mean we had amazing food and various teas in front of us, we should have all been in food heaven not b*tching about the opposite sex.

Tiramisu - moemas style.

Tiramisu – Moemas’ style.

Anyways, I’ve shared the conversation below.

Friend: “Nasa should stop spending/wasting all of their money on space exploration and rather focus their time on building the perfect man”
Obviously we ask: What is the perfect man? What characteristics does this mythical creature have?
Friend: “He must follow the three F’s:
                1. Feed her

               2. F*ck her

              3. And shut the f*ck up”

Or in a less crass way: food, sex and silence is all a woman  needs from a man.


Clearly, this is an oversimplification of male/female relationships but I am interested to find out what everyone thinks about? Is my friend a pessimist about men? Or has she hit the nail  on its’ head?

High tea!

Sweet treats at high tea

Savoury treats

Savoury treats