On losing weight (again) :(

I have a very unfortunate confession to make. I’ve fallen off the #TeamFitness wagon  😦

Ya, sad times I know.

After starting off the year continuing with my #TeamFitness banter on an all time high and joining boot-camp after boot-camp, I managed to keep a sane head and a decent-ish body prior to wedding event number one (aka umkhehlo/membeso – yes, yes, I will write a post on this soon)

It went downhill after that.

I hurt my back after a boot-camp session (this was mid-August). I ignored the niggly jolt of pain I felt every time I took a step or picked up weights during a gym session and obviously, I hurt my back even more. The doctor strongly advised me avoid the gym for about two weeks to give my back time to heal. And like the good listener I am, I took his advice. I liked the advice so much that here I am (almost) three months later still avoiding the gym 🙂

Hahahaha, I am pitiful.

So the combination of extended gym avoidance, bad eating habits and post wedding comfort eating had me looking in the mirror this weekend and almost bursting into tears. I have come to accept that I have extra junk in the trunk.

homer-weight Sigh.

I don’t even want to know how much extra junk there is in this trunk. All I know is that I have given myself an end of March 2016 deadline to lose it.

So it’s back to road running (which is easier to do as I now live in the ‘burbs), back to morning spinning classes, back to bootcamp (have already signed up for the 11 January camp), back to all my infused water concoctions.

Homer- diet

Lol, doesn’t this sound like an early New Year’s resolution?

Aside: Looking forward to someone saying this to me next year 🙂

simpsons_after weight loss

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